Alarm Screens

Protection, fresh air & energy efficiency

Alarm Screens are a great alternative to window switches. If you like to keep your windows open for fresh air, and be secure at the same time, alarm screens may be for you. They work the same if the window is open or closed. With an Alarm Screen, if your alarm is on, the system will be triggered before the intruder is in your home. The Alarm will sound if the burglar cuts one of security wire that is woven in approximately every four inches of the screen. There is also a tamper switch in the frame that will also sound the alarm if the intruder tampers or removes the alarm screen.

You may have existing window screen frames that are suitable to be converted into alarm screens; if not, screens are all measured and custom made for a proper fit. Screens are available in different frame colors and sizes. If you have an existing alarm system with window switches, they may be rewired to install alarm screens.

Alarm screens can be removed and cleaned with water, but remember to make sure that the screen is reinstalled on the same window that it was removed from.

You may feel alarm screens are more appealing than windows bars, but remember they will not keep somebody from getting into your home. Therefore, you may want to leave your window closed when you are away.

If you have an existing alarm system, Greater Los Angeles Patrol may be able to install alarm screens on your system.