Command Centers

Two central command centers provide complete redundancy and reliability in monitoring. Each center is UL 2050 and outfitted with two generators. This provides our clients with complete redundancy to assure there is instant emergency recovery and backup with no downtime in case of an emergency or extreme alarm activity at one facility. We’ve got your back with our backup capabilities.

California Monitoring Headquarters
This 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility provides the finest central station monitoring services and staff around the clock.

Texas Monitoring Headquarters
This 8,000 square foot facility features the same cutting-edge technology as the California location as well as its own professionally trained workforce.

Commercial Monitoring

We are prepared to tailor-make a monitoring system based exclusively upon your needs and your wishes. Each system we configure is backed by the best Customer Service Representatives in the business – all professionally trained and receiving constant and continuous education in security monitoring. Let us develop a custom package for you that may include some or all of the following elements/services:

  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, power, gas, toxic emissions and more
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Supervised open/close
  • Open/close log only
  • Timer tests


Commercial Security

Over the past thirty years Greater Los Angeles Patrol has been advising, designing, installing and maintaining fire, security, CCTV surveillance and access control systems for businesses across almost every industry sector: from licensed downtown headquarters to retail outlets.

No two businesses are the same and neither are their premises. That is why we always want to meet you and fully understand your businesses’ security requirements. To design the best solution for you, we need to understand your premises and how they are used. We will also want to discuss how you prefer to manage your support.

Choosing the right security partner for your business

Our cost effective, tailored business solutions range from taking over and bringing up to current standards old and often disused systems, right through to designing integrated systems combining the latest technology for security alarm systems.

Of course technology is only part of the picture. Maintenance, 24/7 support and staff training are all part of ensuring your security systems are functioning optimally and staff know how to operate them.


Commercial Fire

We have worked very closely with the Fire Departments to support their need for ongoing education of emerging technologies to comply with the requirements of local AHJ’s. We support the Automatic Fire Alarm Association and many of their regional chapters as well as ESA and their regional chapters. We attend annual code update conferences to stay ahead of the current code requirements as well as future revisions.

Our multiple monitoring locations ensure reliability including multiple paths of communications, multiple ISP providers for Internet solutions, and flexibility with radio networks.

Our success is due to an unparalleled combination of two things: state-of-the-art technology along with the most highly trained, professional and knowledgeable staff in the industry. When you bring these two together you eliminate errors, enhance customer service and provide greater peace-of-mind for you.