Command Centers

Two central command centers provide complete redundancy and reliability in monitoring. Each center is UL 2050 and outfitted with two generators. This provides our clients with complete redundancy to assure there is instant emergency recovery and backup with no downtime in case of an emergency or extreme alarm activity at one facility. We’ve got your back with our backup capabilities.

California Monitoring Headquarters
This 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility provides the finest central station monitoring services and staff around the clock.

Texas Monitoring Headquarters
This 8,000 square foot facility features the same cutting-edge technology as the California location as well as its own professionally trained workforce.

Residential Monitoring

Your homes have never been more secure. The combination of our intelligent software and our incomparable Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) provides the ultimate in detection, signaling and response to various signals such as burglary, fire, hold-up, panic, low battery, and A/C power failure.

Residential Monitoring with text notification:

Many families today find themselves working more and depending on their children to get themselves home after school. One feature offered by GLAP is the ability to track when their children arrive home by monitoring their alarm systems. With open and close texting a customer will be immediately notified when his/her child disarms and arms a residential alarm system. This is an automated service and is sent by either a text message or email at the exact same time the alarm system is armed or disarmed. Once the child is safely in the home and the system is armed if the alarm is activated the customer will also be immediately notified on a smart phone or by text message.

Residential Security

Every home is different and every person has different home security concerns and requirements.That’s why Greater Los Angels Patrol offfer tailored systems and support services to suit all manner of different homes from city apartments to suburban estates. We would be pleased to discuss with you any aspect of your security requirements:

  • Intruder & Burglar Alarm Systems
  • CCTV
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Access Controls
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
All our security systems are designed and installed to the highest standards so you can be assured that our solutions are properly specified, installed and maintained.